Braving a Feast amidst Force Majeure

Friday, May 20, 2011
This was supposed to be last week's post, but since Blogger went into some sort of hiatus, I postponed the same blog to this day.

Tonight, I will be featuring a happy event in our family that took all the odds to happen, despite the heavens seemingly preventing it from pushing through.

Two Saturday ago, the whole clan made the short trip to San Fernando, Pampanga for the 18th birthday celebration of my cousin, Isay, or as we call it, the Debut. I've been somewhat a part of the planning process for this event, and ended up hosting the program along with another cousin, Mabelle.

We arrived a good 3-hours before the event is set to begin. Everything seems to be perfect: all the flowers have been set-up, the cake has arrived, the food is on its way and the staff and crew are right on schedule... As anyone in event-planning knows, careful planning doesn't always assure that the event will roll-out as planned.

And so, the unthinkable happened. On a hot, summer's day, just before the sun set, heavy rains came pouring down as Typhoon Bebeng crossed the country's territory. Part of the event area, including the grand staircase through which the Debutante and her court will descend, became a flooded mess.

The venue's crew tried to dry the necessary spots for use, but they weren't even halfway done when another big drop of rainfall begins and drenches the same areas. When the rain stopped, the wet areas included the main stage, the cake table and the sound system booth...

Quickly, the crew started the whole 'operation' again (I must give them due credit), and thankfully, the rain didn't come down until the next day, far after the event has finished.

Partners-in-crime, Echo & Mabelle
We started the program 2 hours behind schedule. A number of guests weren't able to arrive, but Isay's beloved friends and relatives were there, most of whom comprised the Roses and Candles. Besides some sound glitches, the program went smoothly (Kudos to my partner-in-crime, Mabelle) and everyone had their fill of food, entertainment and souvenirs... I slept that night too tired from the exhaustion but appeased by the extraordinary turn of events.

To Alisa Mae Concepcion Reynaldo! Happy 18th Birthday again!!!


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